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December 2020

Big Titty mountains

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Still back blogging :)

Leaving South Dakota to head to Wyoming was one of the prettier drives. This part of the country has just amazing views and if you ever get the chance to drive through I can't recommend it enough.


My mom got to visit Jackson, WY years before and I'll never forget the story she told me of one night at dinner with fellow conference folks where one of the women suddenly realized the translation of Grand Tetons, is essentially Big Titties. The woman was highly embarrassed by this event, but my mom found it quite funny...and so do I. Now I've had the chance to see the Big Titty mountains myself.


While the majority of the drive was lovely, the last bit was a little terrifying at times. In some of the more shaded parts, ice was still on the roads. I slowed down and didn't have any traction issues, but with the sun going down and visibility becoming more tricky, I was happy to get through and have the mountains on my right heading to the town. I was even more happy to see one of the construction signs as I entered the town saying "Welcome to Jackson, MASKS REQUIRED." To be in a town where I could feel safe going into buildings makes a world of difference after being in a state where I didn't even feel safe to go to a grocery store. I wanted to stay in Jackson for a week, but the weather was predicting a snow storm on that Friday, so only had 4 days. Even staying in a little cabin didn't mean I wanted the chance of getting snowed in.

Milo quite enjoyed being in a cabin as well.

While the SD part of my trip included lots of hiking, WY was more limited since pets weren't allowed on any trails due to the threat of bears and other wildlife. So Milo and I took to driving tours. I really, really wanted to see a moose, but never did. That's ok, it just means I'll have to come back.

Researching places to drive around, discovered Snake River as a place to watch the sunset. There were several birds and even a couple of little beavers that decided to check me out. They were much smaller that I would have thought.

Views of the Tetons were magical and I was so excited to even drive around them.

It was also nice to get to explore the little village and see the town square. There were not many folks since it was past tourist season and everyone was being good and wearing masks.

After working Thursday, I hooked up the camper and headed out again for Salt Lake City. I drove down a 2 lane highway for the majority of the trip since it had less grade. Driving along roads with only a few cars is always so nice since its less stress. My camper is only the width of my car, but the AC unit (still not used) sticks out about a foot. I know this doesn't make me even close to a wide load, but it still makes me check every time someone is on that side of me. This drive was another beautiful one with several layered rock formations. I was able to pull over for a couple of them, but not enough :)


Salt Lake City put me back to camper life. I was excited to camp on the lake. The state park has a few RV spots and I snagged the one closest to the bathrooms. Getting there after dark didn't allow for a lot of exploring, but got to enjoy my upgrade from Wisconsin for the first time. Being able to put up the pot and pan and free up counter space was amazing.

The next day the views of watching the salt being blow around was beautiful with the sunset being more beautiful. Knowing that the fires in California were providing the ash to make the sunset have beautiful colors was a little heartbreaking.

After work, Milo and I walked around on the salt flats and had a few sky visitors.

Heading back to fix dinner after sunset, I noticed the wind was picking up some. Checking my wind app, saw that there would be some 20mph gusts throughout the night. That was fine, my little camper can handle that. However at 7pm, a gust hit us broadside that rocked us and made the roof shake and sound like it might get pulled up. Looking over at Milo all snuggled into the bed, I made the quick decision to find a hotel. Being injured from a collapsing camper isn't worth it. I know staying in a hotel increases my risk of exposure to COVID, but my safety is important as well. We packed it up and headed off. I'm thankful that I did since it allowed me to actually get some sleep.

The next day I planned to pack in as much SLC fun as possible. Starting off with a short hike up to an overview of the city really got he hear pumping. The All Trails app rated it as "easy." I'm sure since it was only a little over a mile that was what determined the setting. However, the out part was all uphill. My asthma doesn't particularity like that, so it was slow going, but the views were worth it.


After the hike, we headed downtown to see the Church of Latter Day Saints and the surrounding gardens. I have to admit it was really nice to see the diversity of nativity scenes on display.

It was getting close to lunch time, so I started looking for an outdoor place that would allow dogs. After going to a couple of recommended places only to find them closed, I ended up at The Green Pig Pub. It boasted a roof top patio that was dog friendly. I liked it immediately as I walked in and they asked to take my temperature. Milo and I headed up the stairs and took a nice corner table. I ordered him a scrambled egg and got myself a cocktail.

I could hear honking and yelling down below and couldn't figure out what was happening. At that moment I got a text from my dad, "Looks like science won!!" ??? What was he talking about? A quick opening of Facebook let me know that Biden had been declared the winner. I walked over to the edge of the roof to look down and saw people holding up Biden signs and honking and cheering and dancing. It was such a surreal moment. I intentionally didn't put my Biden sticker on my car knowing I would be driving through non-liberal friendly areas. Seeing the increase in violence against Biden supporters honestly had me afraid. I'm sure people out there would tell me I'm paranoid..but being a single woman traveling and having experienced sexual harassment and at times fearing for my safety in normal travels, I wasn't going to take any chances.

The rest of the day we took a drive through the mountains since it had started to rain. The views were just spectacular and I started to finally feel hopeful about the future.

Sunday morning, I got up and packed to hit the road for Reno.

Hope you've enjoyed the View!

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Mountains for days

South Dakota to WY

Back blogging for the next few entries....

Arriving in Rapid City after 2 days of driving, left me a little tired. I didn't do a whole lot the first few days other than a little hiking after work each day. Other adventures included washing the camper to get all the salt off of it. Happy to be in a part of the country that doesn't blink twice when you pull the little camper to the car wash.

Most days I was able to go out after work to the Black Hills and do some hiking. The views and mountains were just beautiful.


A f20201029_164934.jpg20201028_151636.jpg20201029_163728.jpg20201028_165345.jpg20201028_164742.jpg

The weekend was the big adventure days with driving through Custer's Wildlife loop and checking a bucket list item of seeing Mt. Rushmore.

The drive through the wildlife loop was pretty cool. We saw a lot of evidence of bison before we started seeing them

Lots of bison and a few other animals that didn't seem to mind being up close and personal.

Heading into Mt. Rushmore, you think you know what to expect..we see the images all the time. But they do not ever talk about the trail you can walk where each president (except Teddy) is highlighted based on the view.

The gang

Really cool cut out view of Washington from inside a rock formation.


Best view of Jefferson

Sculptor's cabin where all the magic happened

Side view of Washington as you leave the park

After leaving the park, Milo and I walked some more in the Black Hills and found an "interpretive area."20201031_101841.jpg20201031_102528.jpg

I know some of you may be concerned that I haven't said anything about ice cream...well here is my proof of keeping it up. Started with a bison burger for dinner from a place in Custer touting the best burger in the country (Black Hills Burger and Bun Co). Have to say...homemade bread was a clutch addition.


After being in SD for a week and seeing some amazing sites, it was time to head to another state. Jackson, WY would be my home for the next week in this little cabin (campgrounds still closed up north).

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