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Into the Mitt and upgrades

I made several upgrades to the camper before leaving home and have since added a few. The first would be my electric cooler with wheels. Got the idea from Slim Potatohead's videos. He's an Aliner owner (well he was) and has a ton of videos for ideas of what to do simply. Some of his advice--
Always carry velcro and epoxy.

Using appliance rollers I velcro'd them to the bottom of the cooler to roll it in and out from the cabinet.

"Upgraded" flooring I was able to get from free from a local Buy Nothing group--adds some cushion and warmth. Milo also likes not slipping on the floor.
Also, this door, I got a friend to help me move the hinges since they are stupid. Seriously, I would have to be on the floor to look into this space.

The first part has certainly come in handy. I've velcro'd (I know that isn't a word) several things including a power strip to keep things nicely off the floor and off countertops. I also rigged a little system to help hold up the lids to the storage bins under my bed.
Bungies just hook together for when not in use.

And cannot forget the excellent slide out shelf my friend Jesse built for me. It has been a dream!! Including the little tab to keep it locked in place (although Jesse--I've found that it stays in place when the camper is level!)

Week 2 has been pretty good. Started off by leaving NY and heading to MI. Stopped to camp in a friend's driveway and got to test out the solar panels for the first time. Even with one day being overcast, they were able to keep my battery charged more than 50% and kept the cooler going.

After a few days, left the lower part of MI and headed north to Burt Lake. Really making some progress on the cross country trek.

The area is really pretty with all the changes in the leaves. Unfortunately every day it has rained at least partially and the air temps are dropping into my uncomfortable mode, but still enjoying the trip overall.

Milo and I ventured out to Mackinac Island to see what all the fuss over fudge was. He enjoyed his first boat ride and tried to take on a few horses for a duel. Sadly couldn't get any pictures of the horses while trying to hold him back. We did happily find a little spot for a drink and some food before heading back to the mainland. I was also able to purchase a nice warm pullover. I'm not exactly sure how I managed it, but I only packed 2 sweatshirts. Don't ask, I honestly don't know. I just view it as a way to collect souvenirs along the way.


Overall, Milo gives this place 4 paws of approval. We've had to bust out the electric blanket to stay warm during the days while I work, but it seems like a good system.

For an update on my weird car things. Haven't had any major scares like the first time, but did have a ghost roll down the back window and wouldn't roll it back up for a while. It was fine after sitting with the car off for a few minutes, but will probably make an appt when I'm stable next week.

As always, hope you've enjoyed the view!

Posted by Oceansview 14:36

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Love the upgrades, especially the floor, double love for using the free group!

With the uptick of people buying trailers, there seems to be an uptick in thievery, another traveler I know just recommended this llock.


by SmaktCat

Thanks SmaktCat!!!

by Oceansview

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