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Compton Upgrades

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I was able to help out a friend and have a house to myself for 2 whole weeks. Win/Win

He asked me as he was leaving...when was the last time I was in a house, by myself? The answer...since mid-Sept when I sold my condo. It has really afforded me a nice time to work on some upgrades for the camper and finish cleaning out the car and getting really organized.
I also "upgraded" the gate to his backyard, so Milo couldn't escape


Adding carpeting strips similar to Slim Potatohead's suggestion. However, let me caveat this with...the striping he suggests (called J-edge) is NOT that easily available. It was the main reason I hadn't been able to do this upgrade. Every hardware store that I would stop into since Wisconsin didn't carry it in stock. Apparently its for tile and not a popular model of how to do tile these days. Since I was finally stable long enough, I was able to order it online and get it delivered. Fairly easy to install with some contact cement and I just used the edge of the hinge as my guide to be "level."

The carpet also proved a little tricky. I kept looking for carpet similar to his video that was cloth material on both sides. However, carpet usually has some sort of backing. I ended up just buying a rug runner from the dollar store and cut strips from it. Installation was fairly smooth once I got the hang of pushing in the carpet with the flathead.

And thankfully my supervisor was around to help

I then decided to use the rest of the carpet on the floor. I love my little turquoise rug, but it was just thick enough to cause issues with opening some of the doors. This fits perfectly underneath to not cause any problems.

I'll be heading back into some colder temperatures, so also decided to add another layer on the main window to possibly help with insulation.

I didn't follow the instructions because they recommend starting from the top. I can see how this would make sense for a normal window because the layers then fall down. But since the largest part of the window was at the middle, I started from there and pushed the plastic up behind the paper towel rack and then cut off the excess. Seems to be a decent job and it tightened fairly well with the hair dryer. Another thing I did was to seal it in 2 sections. I think the top section will stay firmly attached, but with the bottom having some screen and a not clear area to put the tape I'm not as confident that area will stay.

I got to take another outing with a work friend and Milo made another dog friend. We went to the Japanese Tea Garden in Kenneth Hahn park. We didn't stay on the paths too much, again..all the people.

One thing I would never have imagined until it was pointed out to me, is how much of an oil state California is. I mean its super progressive and all for clean energy..except for all the oil wells. Everywhere...in parks, next to a Chick Fil A (I mean that's another reason to not eat there). Its CRAZY.

I started checking the camper and getting organized a few days before I hit the road again and boy am I glad I did. Camper battery was totally dead. Brought it to an RV shop and they tried to slow charge it, but nada. Thankfully the warranty was good and I got a free replacement!

One last upgrade before hitting the road was for my wardrobe :)

I've enjoyed my time in Cali, but it is time to start the trek east again.

Next view will be the Grand Canyon!

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