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In a little over a week, I will sell my condo that as been my home for over 3 years. The idea came in a moment of frustration during the pandemic. I was working from home, when the toddler next door screamed and set off the yippy dog downstairs. Milo, my 12 year old Jack Russell, picked up his head from the couch as if to ask what I was going to do about the noise. I simply picked up my noise canceling headphones and put them on.

This had become the new norm. My once warm, happy little home more and more was becoming a place where I was trapped day in and day out. And there was no escape. I don't have any outdoor space at my condo. So my only escape is headphones. I had already decided to buy a house in the next year with a yard for both of our sanities. But didn't have the money just yet to be able to buy something. How could I save money faster? Definitely not getting a second job, been there, done that and not going back.

And then I asked the question... What if I didn't have to live here? Could I live in my car? Instantly started searching for "How to live in a CRV?" Got back some good tips. Started seriously considering that yes, I can do this. Talked over the idea with a few trusted friends. One asked if I had looked at roof top tents (I had not). So of course, I did. Those are so cool! And more importantly, they come with a mattress. Reality is I love my sleep. I don't sleep on the ground (call me a princess). More research... Need a roof rack step one....

As I was progressing in my research I had a family call with my mom and brother. They were concerned with my plan. That's fair..single lady taking off without a clear end point. They brought up campers. I dismissed it out of hand. Campers were expensive and one of my goals was to save money. And I drive a CRV with a towing capacity of 1500lbs (yep, had already looked that up as well... Did I mention I love research?). No camper for me!! After a couple of days I talked to my mom and she knows my weakness... "You know, you don't like the cold and a camper with walls would be warmer than a tent." Cut me to my core... I DO NOT like the cold is an understatement. So back to researching...

Teardrop or Aliner? That is what my research brought me to. After speaking with a female colleague who has had both types, I ultimately decided on the Aliner. You can stand up inside, have move ability without just sitting on a bed. And you can cook inside of the weather is really bad. Sold. OK so where to get one.. Apparently I'm not the only one in the country who thought travel by camper was a good idea. Thankfully during a visit to my mom's there was a nearby (3 hours one way) dealership with 2 left.

So now I own an Aliner and planning a trip across country to enjoy the beauty while I can. I'll try to share knowledge of things I learn along the way as well as stories.

You'll be able so see my view,

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Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you!

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